Overall Score 3.1  

The HTC Vive is a spectacular product to handle. The packaging and design are excellent and really feels like a premium product. It does feel like the price tag demanded by HTC, even with the recent increase in cost. Click the links above for the latest prices.

You’ll get a total of five power plugs, two for charging the controllers. HTC have also included two lens cleaners, which they state are the only cleaners that can be used. There are various other accessories included and a second foam headset surround. This can be used for any reason if it works for you, but is mainly aimed at glasses or non-glasses users.

The hand controllers and tracking sensors come in very nice pre-cut foam carriers, with the headset itself in another foam section with a disposable plastic wrapping. We would have liked to see a carry or storage bag included for the headset, just like gaming headsets for example, a small complaint though.

Package and Bundle
Consumer Experience