Overall Score 3.9  


The DREVO D1 M.2 SSD Drive doesn’t really let you down in any way. It’s cache-less, so it has some performance limitations from its more mature and cache rich competitors. For its price, the cheapest we could find, and its physical size, the M.2 form factor, anyone who is wanting to upgrade their HDD without too much cost can’t really go wrong with this drive. As a first venture into the land of Solid State Drives, it ticks all the boxes.

DREVO D1 M.2 SSD Drive is a good laptop, mainstream desktop and Server upgrade. If you are a hardcore gamer and you have an older system, this will be a good purchase, but it’s not for the owners of extreme systems with high-end components.

With that said, in day-to-day applications, you are not going to notice any real performance reduction, anything like Photoshop or Video Editing software and you’ll notice a drop off in performance, but only if you are used to a high-end workstation.

With a Silicon Motion SM2258XT, the DREVO D1 has an up to date controller. There’s no real information on the NANDSs used, SSD-Z also fails to find out details on them too. With over 300 power cycles and no performance or reliability issues, we can hardly complain at this price point.

As an experiment, there have been no downsides. There haven’t been any dramatic failures or performance drop-offs. The DREVO D1 M.2 SSD Drive has been working away and hasn’t put a foot wrong. We intend to move this drive to our Homeserver Project, so there needed to be a lot of confidence in this drive as it’s going to be a critical part of Hardwareslaves’ Homeserver Project setup.

We have been running the Drevo D1 for six months to ensure it wasn’t going to fail or degrade in performance, and it passed. Cheap isn’t bad when it comes to the Drevo D1.

DREVO D1 M.2 2280 240GB Internal SSD

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