Cooler Master Silent Pro GOLD 600W PSU review

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Power supplies are reaching the end of their development cycle and seem to have changed very little ever since the last year. Over the past years we’ve seen the move from low Wattage 350W power supplies in the dull gray / dull wiring combo towards the most advanced Power supplies you can think of. PSU’s these day’s are trendy, good looking, preferably has a modular cable design, silent, very safe to use. The latest trend .. green, the quest for highly efficient power supplies.

On average I think it is safe to say that most power supplies can be considered good, for me personally there are only a couple of manufacturers that set the standard higher, above good to perfect; they all make excellent power supplies. Names like PC Power & Cooling, BFG, Corsair, Enermax and ever since last year we added Cooler Master to that list as well. Link