Thermaltake Jing CPU Heatsink Review @ APH Networks

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Ching Chang Ping Pong Chan Zhou and Jing. I wonder, if you had
to take a guess, would you say that those random sounds and letter combinations
are of Chinese origin? Well, you have guessed right. In fact, nowadays, with a
population of over 1.3 billion Chinese in China alone, estimating to over 19% of
the world’s population (Wikipedia for the win!), it is no wonder that such
sounds have become daily Chinese stereotypes in North America. So, when I heard
I was reviewing the Thermaltake Jing, I raised an eyebrow. As you know, much of
the staff here at APH Networks is Chinese. With this, a sense of pride comes
when a manufacturer names a product that we can relate to.
When the Jing was released, my main focus was not directed towards the product name however, but
it was geared towards how it would compare against its loud brother. Actually,
the Chinese character “Jing” simply means silence or quiet, and so today’s
heatsink review on the Thermaltake Jing takes on an entirely different approach
from its older brother, the Thermaltake Frio. When Jonathan, my fellow
colleague, reviewed the Frio back in April of 2010, the conclusion was made that
the heatsink could be so obnoxiously loud, that it unfortunately made the unit
not as practical for silent PC enthusiasts and overclockers alike. This time
however, Thermaltake decided to tame the little shy brother, Jing, creating a
smaller but hopefully more practical unit for the mass. Can the Jing beat its
older brother with Kung-fu and other fu’s? Scroll down to find out!