Corsair Force MP500 480GB M2 NVMe SSD review

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M2 is interesting stuff, these smaller form factors storage units are evolving from being “just as fast” as a regular SSD towards double, tripling, heck… even quadrupling that performance. It comes in a different package , M.2. The M.2 interface is so much more capable as it can deal with way more bandwidth using PCI-Express lanes. As such, M.2 solutions are intended for enthusiast class motherboards. The M8Pe series M.2 SSDs are a breathtaking series of storage technology as they offer enthusiast class performance yet remain reasonable in pricing depending on NAND type. Though prices still need to go on-line, we already spotted our tested Corsair Force MP500 480GB for roughly 300 EURO, which would mean 63 cents per GB. Keep in mind you are looking at a product with @ 3.000/2.400MB/s reads and writes respectively. These new M.2 units use the NVMe protocol and that means storage technology at hyper fast speeds while remaining competitive in pricing. Link

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