Silverstone Raven RVZ01 Mini-ITX Case Review

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The Silverstone Raven is a product line reserved for expressive case designs that allow Silverstone to try new things. For instance, the first Raven, RV01, was a large case that pushed the limits of positive air pressure cooling. That case also introduced us to the 90 degree motherboard mounting which later became a standard feature until the release of the Raven RV04. Up until then the Raven series kept improving on their 90 degree motherboard mounting by making the cases more efficient and more compact until they were no larger than a standard mid tower.

In this review we will be looking at the new Raven RVZ01 from Silverstone. One of the latest trends in the enthusiast hardware world is to build high powered small form factor machines. This might be a response to SteamOS and the promise of playing PC games in the living room or the realization that you don’t need a monster motherboard to build a high-end system. Silverstone is no stranger to small case designs and the RVZ01 will not disappoint.