SteelSeries H Wireless Review

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One time at church, a high school girl came up to me enthusiastically and asked, “Have you seen the new One Direction movie?” — which, to her disappointment, was a resounding “no”. For some reason, many people are quite convinced I am a big fan of that kind of pop music, despite the fact I am completely out of their target demographic. Firstly, I am not in high school. Secondly, I am not a girl. But since we have brought up the topic of pop music that appeal to teenage girls, one question inspired by Hannah Montana comes to my mind: Can you really have the best of both worlds, like one of her songs suggest? (Actually, I am inspired by my colleague Aaron Lai’s review on the Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 32GB last week; I have never heard of that song until I read his introduction.)

Back in 2006, even before SteelSeries rebranded their entire lineup to SteelSeries, I have reviewed a plethora of gaming headsets from them. This included the SteelSound 3H, SteelSound 4H, SteelSound 5H, SteelSound 5H V2, Icemat Siberia In:Ear, and Icemat Siberia. Some of them were okay for music, while others were awesome for gaming, but none of them were really good for everything. The scene has not changed much in the last few years, as we have covered a number of headphones from Tt eSPORTS and CM Storm. But today, SteelSeries brings to the table a completely new product that aims to crush everything that preceded it. The H Wireless is a Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Headphone certified headset that promises to deliver unrivaled gaming and music performance… without wires. Is it really as good as it sounds? We here at APH Networks set out to find the answers.