ZAGG Invisible Shield HD (Galaxy Note 10.1 2014) Review

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I resisted replacing PCs and laptops with portable gadgets, but the devices just keep becoming more indispensable. When I was searching for the best tablet for my needs, I eventually decided on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition, which is the most expensive Android offering available. I thought I could get away with protecting my investment with just a good case, but a recent scratch on the oil-resistant coating on one of my other devices snapped me back into reality.

A small scratch in the middle of an otherwise pristine field of glass really is an eyesore. I needed a screen protector for my expensive tablet. I previously used a ZAGG Insivible Shield screen protector on an older Android phone (review here), and was very impressed with it. The screen protector stayed on longer than the phone it was put on, and never started to peel, crack, or scratch. So with my own personal testament, I decided to go with ZAGG again to make sure my Galaxy Note 10.1 lasts as long as it can.

ZAGG invisible shield screen protectors have a reputation for being expensive, but they also have a reputation of being the best. I have tried generic screen protectors for other devices such as a PSP, Vita and other phones and tablets, and they end up introducing air bubbles and peeling corners after a while. The ZAGG protector on my old phone is still perfect, even after two years of service.