Overall Score 4.3  

There is also a nice unused section which is crying out for a water pump and small reservoir, there is a decent enough gap past the storage trays to consider putting it down there.

The chassis will take a 310mm  length graphics card, which to be honest, is a pretty standard length, so you should be able to get most modern cards in.

The Raijintek Aeneas seems to be made for AIO coolers, with the NZXT Kraken X61 AIO CPU Cooler virtually just slotting into place with no issues for the hoses.

There are enough gaps and channels to get most of the cabling to route somewhere away from view, leaving a clean and tidy build. The side window is smoked, so unless you have lights installed, you may not see everything, a clear option would have been nice.

The Raijintek Aeneas also has some nice “Vodka Bar” blue lights installed in the ventilation channels. You can turn these off, but it is not too overpowering and generally we left them on.


The Raijintek Aeneas is another product that surprised us a little. Not our usual cup of tea in styling, in the flesh it was  still subtle enough to make us all want to look at it. Internally, this is an excellent chassis for an mATX build. It has a removable motherboard tray, and good room to move around in, and channel cabling and an AIO cooler to satisfaction.

The elements we didn’t like were minor, with dual connectors for the installed fans and possibly not the best thumbscrews in the world, these can easily be forgiven or replaced. The smoked window is our biggest issue, and although it may be a deal breaker for some, but not for us, it will not get in they way of a good build.


The Raijintek Aeneas falls into the “good build” category,  and for most modders out there, the external design features, that individuals do not desire, are just the next challenge. The Raijintek Aeneas also has a windowless variant and a black version too. You need to consider that you get this for around £60, which is excellent. Easily recommended.

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Consumer Experience