Overall Score 4  

We decided on an overclock of 400 Mhz, taking this to a 4.4Ghz i7-6700K which should give the Antarctica enough of a test.

cpuid OC

Straight away we see the baseline cooling remains unchanged from the stock configuration at idle. Pretty good, and again, it suggests that the fan is over cooling, if there’s such a thing, and the speed can be brought down a little.

Gelid Antarctica OC Temps | amCharts

At maximum load the temperatures rise to 73 degrees after 30 minutes of stress test, again, a very good performance. There isn’t much to add, we test coolers in a couple of configurations and record the sound and temperature performance. The Antarctica is managing to cope with our standard testing.

Gelid Antarctica CPU OC Db | amCharts

The sound under overclocking stress loads didn’t rise much at all, 39.5 Db’s is only a 2 Db jump from the idle performance.


So, what did we think of the Gelid Antarctica CPU Cooler? Well, we haven’t talked about price yet, and it’s a big factor for the Gelid Antarctica. It’s going to be cheap, looking at the rest of the range in the UK, you could guess at a sub £30 mark for this cooler, which would make it excellent value.


Even if it was circa £40 you would still be looking at a good performing cooler, and although it’s not got the high end feel of a Noctua or a Cryorig R1 Ultimate, they will be over double the price. This is a good cooler and it has potential. If you are looking for a tall, thin heat sink with a large fan, this can be recommended.

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