Overall Score 4  

NF-A14 industrialPCC-24V-3000 | amCharts

The larger NF-A14 fan is next, temperatures here take a big step for everything other than the GPU temperatures. The other components are getting a very healthy amount of airflow and they can utilise to their benefit. GPU temperatures do see an improvement, but move around a little. The NF-A14 shows clear and strong performance here.

NF-A14 industrialPCC-24V-3000 Sound | amCharts

We can claim that with more confidence when we look at the sound performance. Remember, this is the same build in the same office under the same conditions. We also allow a little cool down then allow the system to come back up to normal operating temperatures before starting the tests. The load sound performance is two decibel higher, and we noticed, but for the performance using the same motherboard profile.


The Noctua industrialPPC fans that we have tested in this review have impressed us. It’s probably a little unfair to pitch them against the humble stock chassis fan, but most people will have them right now in their system and any upgrade is always a welcome one. The Noctua industrialPPC fans are not aimed at the average desktop end-user, but they can be applied with success.

Noctua industrialPPC Fan Series

Noctua industrialPPC Fan Series

The larger NF-A14 gives a great improvement over the stock fan on test and a couple of these would be excellent in a homeserver for example, or on a water-cooled systems radiators, this would move a lot of hot air away from the cooling fins. The NF-F12 would be an excellent upgrade for a normal desktop system too, they would comfortably cool servers and water-cooled rigs as well, but have a little better sound performance, so your tolerance is not tested by noisy fans.

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