Overall Score 3.8  

The sound performance is a different story and shows a usual pattern for a solid CPU cooler. Second on the charts shows that with a little cooling profile tweak you could get a nice performance increase in basic cooling, at the cost of some sound performance. We wouldn’t say whisper quiet, but it’s a very hushed cooler.

X99 CPU cooler Stock Dbs Ref 29062016 | amCharts

X99 CPU OC Temps ref 29062016 | amCharts

Overclocked next and the Scythe Kama Cross 3 was put through our usual stress test with a 4.4Ghz overclock. It doesn’t do too badly at idle, but during the AIDA64 Engineer stress test, the same as the stock test, it comes last on our performance chart.

This is bad news but we are hoping that this will be another fan profile tweak. The current settings may have only requested enough fan power to clip throttling, which is something we did not observe, despite reaching 102 Degrees C.

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