Overall Score 4.5  

There are six 6mm heat pipes transporting the heat energy away from the Nickel-plated Copper baseplate. Everything is well constructed and clean, there’s no fuss or drama, and the only additional architecture is the pre-installed mounting bar and captive screws. 

The Scythe Ninja 5 uses the newer Scythe’s H.P.M.S. III (Hyper Precision Mounting System III), the third generation of the Hyper Precision Mounting System, designed with several small improvements benefiting the user friendliness, it’s claimed.

As always, we would always advise rubbing thermal paste into the baseplate before mounting, this will fill a good number of scratches or imperfections that may cause performance issues. You may not see any but this always takes out the guess work. You could consider lapping the baseplate, this also helps to get the best performance out of any CPU cooler, even the stock coolers.

Consumer Experience