Cooler Master Storm Speed-RX Surface Review

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Founded in 1992, Cooler Master have become a mainstay in PC component, peripheral and modding arenas. In more recent years Cooler Master have branched out into mouse mats, or surfaces as they are now known.

From our point of view it must be a tricky market, with lower product costs making it easier for smaller companies to dominate, design freedoms and sometimes just a sheer passion for gaming or modding.
We wouldn’t doubt Cooler Masters passion or know-how but being the larger company, they may find it hard to be flexible with the smaller manufacturers, let’s find out if they even need to.

We are gamers here at Hardwareslave so a good mouse mat is a very important part of our rig. We have already reviewed the Razer Goliathus Speed Fragged Gaming Pad and loved it, so we are eager to find out how the Storm Speed-RX measures up.

The Storm Speed-RX range claims to be developed specifically for the optical gaming mouse, or at least, optical mice. For review today we have the SGS-4020-KMMM1 (M) Cooler Master Medium Speed mouse mat Cloth with 5mm rubber base in black.

The Storm Speed-RX is developed specifically for optical gaming grade sensor, but works equally well for high-end laser sensors. Excellent tracking and speedy glide, coupled with an aggressive non-slip 100% natural rubber base, making thorough contact with most desktop materials, ensures that your gaming surface stays firmly in place and performs at highest level.

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  • SGS-4030-KLMM1 450 x 350mm (L)
  • SGS-4020-KMMM1 320 x 270mm (M)
  • SGS-4010-KSMM1 250 x 210mm (S)
  • Available: Colour Black
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Base: 100% Natural Rubber


  • Microscopic Synthetic Mesh for optimum precision
  • Smooth nano fibres for reduced drag and better comfort
  • Extra thick (5mm) soft rubber center piece for better ergonomics and endurance
  • Triple Layer heat bonding process for improved durability and prevent peeling
  • Grip coating on bottom side to keep the mousepad in place

Packaging and contents

The Cooler Master Medium Speed mouse mat comes rolled in a long box as is the way these days. The box is nice, black with red and silver accents, and a lot of information as you would expect.



The box is sealed so there seems to be no way to inspect the surface material without unboxing, luckily Cooler Master have included a small square of material for anyone who wants to feel this before purchase, at least for all those who still shop in stores.


There isn’t anything else contained in the packaging, just the surface rolled up, which we always feel is a little on the light side. Maybe some care instructions or a sticker would have been nice. For under 10 UK pounds however, this may be asking a little much.

Cooler Master Storm Speed-RX Surface Review

Package - 8.5
Design & Quality - 9.2
Price - 9.5
Consumer Experience - 9


The Storm Speed-RX is an excellent surface to have. It is a different type of gaming surface and it may not be to everyone’s taste or requirements. It is not over the top with artwork and is pretty cheap for a good gaming surface coming in at under 10 pounds at the time of writing.