XtracGear Carbonic Surface Review

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XTracGear, who you may know as XTracPads, started making precision mouse surfaces for gamers since the brand was created in 1999. The now more familiar XTracGear was created in 2003 when PCXmods.com was started and XTracPads brand went worldwide.

XTracGear look like they are a company who are genuinely interested in mouse mats aimed at the gamer. Today we are looking at the XtracGear Carbonic.

We are serious gamers here in the Hardwareslave office, over 210 games on Steam and counting, all the Battlefield series on Origin and not to mention World Of Warcraft.


From the XtracGear website –

The XTracGear Carbonic™ mouse pad represents modern technology at its finest. Tweaked to maximize performance, portability and longevity, this exceptional mouse pad is a proven leader.

XTracGear Carbonic™ features:

  • Polished Textile precision mouse surface
  • Extremely durable
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Laser cut to help eliminate edge fraying
  • Enhanced Sure Grip rubber backing for exceptional desktop grip
  • Carbon Fibre repeating pattern specially designed to enhance mouse cursor tracking


  • 8.5″ x 11″ x 1/8″ (216mm x 280mm) approximately
  • Enhanced Sure Grip open celled rubber backing
  • Polished Textile material precision mouse surface
  • Designed in the USA

Tested and 100% compatible with the following gamer grade mouse manufacturers: Logitech/Microsoft/Razer/Apple: Mighty Mouse

Packaging and Contents

The XTracGear Carbonic arrives in a flat and roughly A4 size flat cardboard sleeve. They are red and black and match XtracGears standard branding with a little more emphasis on carbon fibre.




There are no instructions or care guidelines, just you, the box and the surface.

Gaming Pad

The XTracGear Carbonic is a standard sized mouse mat, which compared to some of our more recent reviews is on the smaller side.


The surface is semi-gloss black, at least that’s how we would describe it, with a carbon fibre weave effect across the playing area.

XtracGear Carbonic Surface Review

Package - 8.5
Design & Quality - 9
Price - 9
Consumer Experience - 9


Did we like it? It is hard to like anything after reviewing and using the Ripper XXL, but yes, we did like once used in the correct situation. As a mouse mat in its own right, there isn’t anything wrong either, in fact it is something to consider for gaming desks where room is at a premium.

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