XTracGear Carbonic XXL Surface Review

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We haven’t reviewed a mouse mat, or surface, in a while. Well the boys and girls at XTracGear have put paid to that and sent over a Carbonic XXL Surface. If you have not heard of XTracGear, you need to check out their website and products, you will no doubt find something there you will like.

Also, we have reviewed a couple of XTracGear products and we liked them, so it is nice to see a Carbonic XXL Surface in our mail room waiting for Hardwareslave to use and abuse.

So what is the Carbonic XXL Surface and how does it differ from the previously reviewed surfaces? This one is designed to fit beneath your keyboard and mouse. The Carbonic XXL is slim design and will fit more shallow desktop areas with greater ease.

In reality this is not as deep as the larger scale surfaces which can consume the desk space over and above what you need it to.

The Carbonic XXL Surface is like a strip that will not interfere with your monitor or droop off the end of your desk.


  • Polished textile surface
  • Overlock stitch edges
  • Enhanced Sure Grip comfortable open cell rubber backing
  • High Definition (HD) carbon fiber repeating print on the surface


  • Whisper quiet mouse surface helps make for an ergonomic desktop.
  • Our polished textile surface enhances the speed and glide of your computer mouse.
  • Overlock edge stitching makes the surround of the Carbonic XXL™ desk mat strong and durable.
  • Open celled rubber backing helps to cushion your wrist.
  • The desk top size of the XTracGear Carbonic XXL™ desk mat is excellent for users who prefer low sensitivity settings on their computer mice.


  • 36″ x 13″ x 1/8″ (91.44cm x 33.020cm)
  • Sure Grip enhanced rubber backing
  • Polished textile mousing surface
  • Overlock edge stitching

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Big chunky nicely coloured box! Inside the surface is protected further by a plastic sheeth. Overall it comes well protected and packaged.

The XTracGear Carbonic XXL Surface rolled out is nice, thick and high quality feeling. It is more like a luxury item than a grubby gamers surface.


It is wide and not as deep as the XTracGear Ripper XXL and the Boogie Bug Aim B.PAD XL for example. The material is very lush and feels smooth and supportive, we like!

XTracGear Carbonic XXL Surface Review

Package - 9
Design & Quality - 9.5
Price - 8.9
Consumer Experience - 9.5


We have had the XTracGear Carbonic XXL for probably around two months now. It has been our daily driver around the office for most of that time and it's our favourite by far. The letterbox shape has us sold on this as a form factor, it is less intrusive than the larger surfaces, and still covers what we need, the keyboard and mouse area.

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