Overall Score 4.1  

Now for some RAID 0 PCMark08 results utilising the same Storage benchmark which we have split into three categories, gaming, Adobe and Microsoft tests.

Crucial MX200 500Gb PCMark08 Gaming RAID | amCharts

Crucial MX200 500Gb PCMark08 adobe RAID | amCharts

Crucial MX200 500Gb PCMark08 MS RAID | amCharts

Nothing if not a small victory for the X99 Chipset. In the synthetic “real life” tests there is nothing between the chipsets in RAID 0 configuration. There’s no difference with the non-RAID set up too.


Before we get too much into it, this is a review for the Crucial MX200 500Gb SSD, so how did it get on? Very well in our opinion, it is a recommended drive for a lot of different applications, including RAID 0 set ups.


The rest of this is slightly complicated, but has a simple view point you can take from this. The Crucial MX200 500Gb is a sleeper drive, though if you already have a Z170 chipset motherboard, it is awake for you! If you have an older Chipset, and that includes Z97 Chipsets, they have nearly identical performance to the X99 Chipset for storage, the MX200 is an excellent future proofing drive that will allow cheapish large SSD storage, with a future performance unlock!

RAID 0 unlocks a lot, but for this SSD, it seems to flourish in a modern Chipset environment. With three sizes, 250Gb, 500Gb and 1Tb it’s a perfect Steam Library or other gaming/productivity drive, and put two of them together in RAID 0 and it’s going to be big and fast.

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