Overall Score 4.1  

CrystalDiskMark Write results give a similar story, however the X99 redeems itself a little. The MX200 is giving 100% of its performance when using the Z170, and it’s inline with Crucial’s performance claims.
Crucial MX200 500Gb CrystalDiskMark Seq Write - non RAID | amCharts

Now on to RAID 0 Read results. Both Chipsets are pretty much in the same ball park, however the Z170 is still slightly ahead. RAID 0 is the fastest RAID configuration, using the two drives solely as one drive but using the two drives bandwidth, cache and dual controllers for the purpose of speed.

Crucial MX200 500Gb CrystalDiskMark Seq Read CrystalDiskMark Seq Read RAID 0 | amCharts

It’s like SLi or CrossFire for your storage but with better results overall utilisation of the dual hardware configuration.

Crucial MX200 500Gb CrystalDiskMark Seq Write RAID | amCharts

Write performance favours the Z170 Chipset here, though as a MX200 storage review, the Crucial MX200 500Gb is flying along in RAID 0 configuration.

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