Next up we have tons of MP3 players also in various shapes (Deseo, Blade, Passion, Deejay), sizes and colours. One of the products is takeMS MP3 sporty, media player which is only 12 grams in weight! Ideal for outdoor activities, and as it’s name also says – for enjoying your sport activities with this drive which is so light you won’t even notice that you are carrying it!



On the next shelf you can see memory cards for various devices and also in different capacities, DVB-T receiver and at the bottom shelf – DPF (Digital Picture Frames).


Just when you thought that this report is getting boring and finally coming to an end – ERRR – you’re wrong! On the next two picture you’ll notice the takeMS Traffix – car navigation system developed by takeMS. There are of course different maps for different country groups in Europe.. Useful for every driver to have in it’s car – for easy navigation in the city but also on the outside and on local roads.

But what got my attention is the mid-size black box near the Traffix navigation system. Since I know all of the takeMS product range, I just couldn’t figure out what’s this (new) product?



The next few photos that I’ve took from their booth were just horrible. I unfortunately haven’t noticed this until I got back  home…. and I didn’t know what to do next. This is really exciting new product from takeMS and the only ones that I don’t have proper pictures for your readers to look at. Anyway luckily the takeMS had a preview of this product on their website, so the next two pictures are taken from takeMS site directly and the new product – I assume – are going to be introduced into the market very soon. On of the Media players is for ‘standard’ media types.

So most DivX and DVD content is going to be played on this device. While on the second picture you’ll see ‘High definition’ Media station, which I assume is going to be used for easy playing the new HD/Blu-ray materials, and what I hope the most – support for the ripped version of the Matroska format.

I’ve took the pictures of it, but again they weren’t readable after several tries to fix them with several different ways. Again can’t wait to see how this ‘black box’ performs in action, since it looks great to have in the living room. Currently I have my white box PC in my living room, and it’s so ugly to see in my living room – it’s so ugly even for me who don’t have any interest in style, physical appearance and color match-making. This could be the next ‘big thing’ that could replace these ugly, big PC boxes – while giving you enough power to play the music or the latest DVD’s or High definition video material. Again, can’t wait to see.

To conclude this report, I can say that takeMS has been really busy from the beginning of this year. Since at this year’s CeBIT they’ve introduced 14 new products (without counting of two new Media station products).

Thanks again to the always ‘nothing but nice’ lady from takeMS public relations, Madam Marina who has – as always been nothing more but interesting, informative and which has great nerves to listen all about my IT-geek persistent gibberish at this year CeBIT and over the last two years.