Overall Score 4  

Overclocked results next, and this is where we’d expect the Cryorig C7 to be tested a little, and it is, to a point. With the maximum TDP of 100w, and the 8700K stock TDP of 95w, the overclock will push it over this TDP limit.

8700K CPU Cooler OC Temps 20022018 | amCharts

We’re at the limit of the CPU and cooler, but it still manages to get the job done, if with a little throttling when it hits the 100 degrees threshold. Sound performance is good, pointing to some headroom if you use a custom fan profile.

8700K CPU Cooler OC Db 20022018 | amCharts

Just like the Noctua NH-L12S, the Cryorig C7 is not an overclocker, but the C7 is holding its own, but we wouldn’t recommend pushing the overclock too far.


The Cryorig C7 CPU Cooler is a small OEM CPU Cooler replacement, granted, but it’s more. The heat pipe and heatsink design are very intricate, and it allows a lot of thermal performance for the size when at stock settings. The C7 is no overclocker, but it’s not the target market.

If you have an ITX or HTPC build that demands a very small but capable CPU Cooler, you’d need to look at the Cryorig C7 as a serious contender. If you have more space, you’ll maybe look elsewhere, but for its size, it’s a well-placed purchase and will stand up against the Noctua NH-L9i L-Type Low-Profile CPU Cooler, especially if you don’t like the Noctua colour schemes.

Cryorig C7 CPU Cooler

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