takeMS 667/800 DDR2 Memory Review

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Today we are looking at some memory kits we have received from European memory manufacturer – takeMS from Germany with their headquarters in Breisach. I personally haven’t had with takeMS company any experience, but luckily that’s changed.

takeMS is a German company which is feeling obliged to maintain the tradition of “Made in Germany“. Each takeMS product is produced and tested according to German standards, irrespective of the production site. “Made to meet German quality standards”. This applies to the product quality as well as to the compliance with the test and environmental guidelines and of course also to the service and the support.

Being convinced of the quality of its products, the takeMS grants a warranty of 10 years on the random access memories and of 5 years on the innovative flash and USB products.

takeMS signifies more than 5 millions sold memories in more than 45 countries. With the strategic reorientation on July 1st, 2006 by the spin-off and the successful placing of the technology and lifestyle brand takeMS, the takeMS International AG has set a new goal: to be a leading supplier for memory modules, flash cards, USB flashes and multimedia players Europe-wide with large-volume channels of distribution in the industry and commerce.

In the frame of the extension of the sales strategy, takeMS will more actively support the market of specialist suppliers by distinctly increasing the brand awareness at the end customers and by pushing the establishing of the technology and lifestyle brand takeMS.

Further experts of the branch had been employed for sales in South-east Europe, Spain, Northern Africa, South America and the region comprising Germany, Austria and Switzerland.<

“The best need the best in the team, only then highest quality and performance will result”

Therefore, takeMS is working closely together with strong partners such as e.g. Shuttle, Foxconn, MSI and ASRock. takeMS is aiming for the leadership in technology, production and quality. So what do you about introduction for this company? Let’s focus on those memory kits since they are the main topic of this review.

The package was delivered by UPS service. While the shipping department did their job superbly – package arrived the next day to me…. but the customs clearance was a disaster. And because of tons of paperwork, this review is late because of this for two whole weeks!

Packaging and Module

Moving on in standard small carton box filled with small pieces of styrofoam. This is really great since this type of packaging is soft and absorbs all sorts of kicks and tumbles that could happen in international transport. Enough about the package it’s important what’s inside the box – small blue box.


The real treasure is in little blue box, and we have received two kits of 1Gb DDR2 modules! One kit is Pc5300 (DDR2-667) and the other is PC6400 (DDR2-800). My hands were a bit shaking the first time I’ve opened the blue-box :-), hey it’s not everyday situation that you can hold 4 gigabytes of ram, right?

One thing that I’ve immediately noticed is 10 year warranty on memory modules! It’s really great news for all of the people living in Europe (like myself), since most of other memory brands feature so called ‘lifetime warranty’ which in most cases is available in United States only.

If you have spent like I did, tons of money on hardware that failed to work after year or two, then this warranty means a lot! It’s investment in your computer hardware, and when manufacturer gives you 10 year warranty, you are most likely to lose your warranty papers :-) rather then modules itself! The other thing is that I’ve personally spent tons of money on hardware that failed to work after two or three years.

So after those unfortunate events I decided that product warranty will remain on of the most important factors when I make my buying decision.

If you look at standard retail package looks like this you can clearly see the ’10 years warranty’ label! Really nice touch from TakeMS. Another thing that’s worth mentioning is the fact that TakeMS product (like most of the European products today) are ROHS compliant (which is now a standard in European countries), and you can read all about it here.

takeMS 667/800 DDR2 Memory Review

Warranty - 9.5
Performance - 9.5
Compatibility/Stability - 9


So you can prepare yourself for Windows Vista - and in a year or two it will surely become a 'standard' operating system. One last thing I wanted to mention is that DDR2 prices are constantly falling, article 'Users will continue to see bargains in DRAM memory prices throughout May and June. But this situation on DDR2 market will not last forever. Since Intel has practically launched P35 motherboard chipset, and we'll see first DDR3 modules to debut on market. So who knows will DDR3 modules have effect on current DDR2 prices or not.