Overall Score 4.1  

So, to really test the bandwidth of the gigabit interface, networking performance and internal disk performance in RAID 0 we set up a little test. We have a personal iTunes and FLAC media folder of around 600Gb on our Home Server project build and we needed to transfer it to test the iTunes server. So, we hooked up the Asustor AS3102T to the same TP-Link AV1200 Powerline adapter, using CAT6 cabling, and utilising the gigabit interfaces in all the test equipment.

We then copied the Media folder to the mapped Music folder, using the Home Server windows explorer. The results really stood out, and as the screenshot shows, even after 22% transfer complete, the speed is still sustaining over 90Mb/s.  Transfer rates maintain this throughout and we transferred the media folder for testing in a short amount of time, for the size of folder.

The other test results didn’t surprise us, we have been using NASes for a long time now and we know home networking can be a major factor in NAS performance. With a direct folder to folder transfer, the performance really caught our eye, and demonstrated a very solid performance, internally and via the LAN.


We are not really surprised that a company managed by Asus can manage a feature rich, well thought out and well specified product. NASes are not what they used to be, and the Asustor AS3102T is a good example of how far they have come. There isn’t anything we didn’t like about the Asustor AS3102T, everything was better than expected, and the transfer rate in the last test really demonstrated an excellent internal performance.

Asustor AS3102T

The Asustor AS3102T is an excellent starting point if you want to get into NASes, or have some spare drives and you want to put them to good use. Many users want to explore the multimedia capabilities, and with the standard media apps such as Plex and iTunes, it’s as accessible as any NAS on the market that supports this type of feature. We also appreciated the strength of the hardware, Samsung memory and a decent Intel CPU. We would recommend the Asustor AS3102T to anyone who wanted to step into the world of Network-Attached Storage, at least, and if you already have a NAS setup in your home or small business, we found the Asustor AS3102T to perform without fault, so look over the reviews and specifications when you consider your next upgrade.

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