Overall Score 4.1  

The setup is straightforward, and for most end users we would recommend the “1-Click Setup”. It will ask for a NAS name, password and storage configuration, Balanced for Maximum Capacity, or RAID Mirror and Stripe.

For the more advanced user there is “Custom Setup”. DNS and Volume Settings are available and are scoped to the installed HDDs, so you cannot pick a setup you cannot physically support.

Both “1-Click Setup” and “Custom Setup” once configured will finish with the “Initializing” page which shows your progress.

Once you are at this page, both “1-Click Setup” and “Custom Setup” initialisations are quick and will error at the relevant stage if there is an issue with the configuration. We would recommend doing this on your desk or workstation before moving it to a remote location, this will allow a reset if required. All our setups were trouble free.

Consumer Experience