Overall Score 4.5  

Here is the with the XtracGear Carbonic Surface overlaid. The small Carbonic is about the size of a normal mat, or surface, so the Carbonic XXL is large.



It has a rubber backing and it is super grippy, it doesn’t move when you want it to, it has a tendency to stretch when pulled, it is that grippy. It is also ultra flexible, making it perfect for uneven surfaces or with small imperfections that may cause a rigid mat to spring up a little.


XtracGear Carbonic and Carbonic XXL (right) side by side. You can see the difference in manufacturing, the Carbonic XXL feels over engineered with the weave and edge stitching, good for feel and ware.


You are not going to be able to test surfaces much apart from, do they feel good, are they grippy and manageable and do they cause your mouse to jump around?

We have had the XTracGear Carbonic XXL for probably around two months now. It has been our daily driver around the office for most of that time and it’s our favourite by far. The letterbox shape has us sold on this as a form factor, it is less intrusive than the larger surfaces, and still covers what we need, the keyboard and mouse area.

As stated, grip is good, the mouse doesn’t jump around when using it, we can frag and game without worry, it’s excellent.

Consumer Experience