Overall Score 3.8  

First up, CrystalDiskMarkx64. So far the BX200 exceeds the Read performance specified by the manufacturers by some margin, but the Write performance slips slightly behind.

Crucial BX200 CrystalDiskMark Seq Read | amCharts

We use several synthetic benchmarking tools, they cannot always be relied upon, so always cross reference.

IOMeter next and we run through or usual IOPS and Mb/s tests. It’s important to run a test file larger than your memory, so with 16Gb of RAM, we opted for our usual 20Gb test file. We also included the following parameters for the IOMeter tests;

  • Full Random
  • 20Gb test file
  • 30 minute per test
  • 10 second warm up

The test takes a few hours, and always an overnight run, so the drive is going to be thoroughly tested and stressed giving a good indication of high workload scenario like gaming or using Photoshop.

Crucial BX200 IOPS | amCharts

Slightly unusual results from the IOPS tests, especially the Write output. The Read seems pretty much on the money, going from very good to average as the file size gets bigger. The Write performance on the other hand is average at best for anything above 16Kb in size, a little disappointing.

Crucial BX200 MBs | amCharts

The BX200 hits back with some excellent Mb/s results in Read mode, but again seems to struggle with the Write results.

Crucial BX200 PCMark08 Gaming | amCharts

PCMark08 results next and starting with the gaming section of the Storage test. Warcraft flies along but Battlefield 3 is average again, possibly down to file size and number.

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