Arctic Freezer i32 Semi Passive CPU Cooler Review

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Our first CPU cooler review of 2017 and it’s the Arctic Freezer i32. The Arctic Freezer i32 is based on the Arctic Freezer i30, but Arctic state the i32 has several feature improvements that boost performance and reduce noise. Arctic have been around the PC and system builder’s scene for a very long time. In fact, we use Arctic MX2 for all our CPU cooler reviews just because we have used Arctic thermal paste for a very long time and trust it. We know what it is capable of and we know they know their thermal paste.

When manufacturers claim, their new product is a revision of the outgoing product, you would be forgiven if you were a little sceptical. Sometimes there is enough of a difference to warrant the “New” sticker but usually it’s a rebadge and clean up with some modern marketing language. This is not the case with the Arctic Freezer i32. If it was based on the Arctic Freezer i30 CPU Cooler, then they haven’t kept much of the older design. Arctic have developed the Freezer i32 enough to merit a new product name.

Model NumberACFRE00004A
Socket compatibilityIntel: Socket LGA2011-0*, LGA2011-3*, LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156
*SQUARE ILM (80 x 80 mm spacing) only
Dimension ( with fan )150 x 123 x 95 mm (including fan)
Baseplate MaterialCopper Direct touch, Aluminium Housing
Heat pipesDirect touch 6mm x 4 (Off-centered heat pipes)
Max TDP320 Watts (Recommended for TDP up to 150 Watts)
Fan Diameter120mm
Fan Rated Speed0 - 1,350 RPM (Controlled by PWM)
Fan Noise Level0.3 Sone (22.5 ~ 24.5 dBA)
Fan Current / Voltage0.20 A / +12V DC
Bearing TypeFluid Dynamic Bearing
Warranty6 Year Limited

Some of the main differences between the Freezer i32 and the Freezer i30 include improved heat dissipation, optimal motherboard and memory compatibility and an enhanced fan bearing. It’s normal to hear this from any next gen product, but when you look at the detail, Arctic have moved this series of CPU coolers on quite a bit. For example, the “Improved Heat Dissipation” is a complete redesign of the heatpipes, their positioning and the direction of the airflow through the heatsink.

Arctic have managed this with a narrower heatsink, meaning the optimal motherboard and memory compatibility claim is a result of the work carried out for “Improved Heat Dissipation”.

Arctic Freezer i32 Semi Passive CPU Cooler Review

Package - 7
Performance - 8
Price - 9
Consumer Experience - 8


The Arctic Freezer i32 Semi Passive CPU Cooler is a safe pair of hands. It's priced very well too, you will be able to pick this cooler up for little more than a stock CPU cooler, and Arctic still include premium Thermal Paste at this price point. The Arctic Freezer i32 is a bit of a hidden gem, with no corners cut.