Overall Score 4  

The base of the Arctic Freezer i32 is a direct connect base, meaning there isn’t a cover plate providing a flat surface for your thermal paste and CPU mating surfaces. Direct contact CPU coolers are our preference, though only because they cut out the middleman, so to speak. 

The surface is finished to a very high standard and we found zero flaws or imperfections.

The shiny bit isn’t so shiny due to the lack of a contact plate, but that’s ok for this type of cooler. When assembled with the fan, the Arctic Freezer i32 is simple and unintrusive looking. It will also look at home in most systems and should provide good clearance for memory and motherboards around the CPU socket.

The Freezer i32 is claimed to have a sophisticated fan controller developed by German engineers which enables the CPU to be cooled completely passively during typical Windows operation.

Consumer Experience