Overall Score 4  

On the flip side, the Freezer i32 manages to keep its sound performance very decent despite the large overclock. This strongly suggests there is still a little more cooling performance in this cooler if you can tolerate a little louder CPU fan in your system.

X99 CPU OC Db 28012017 | amCharts

The single fan CPU coolers manage a good showing in the overclocked tests. With single fan coolers, we believe the airflow is a little less obstructed. With a good heatpipe setup, as soon as you move the hot air quickly enough, your going to get to the limit of the material design, mainly for the metallic parts, instead of the fans airflow.


CPU coolers are a bit of a minefield, there are so many and it’s not always clear which is best and would suit your system. With all the coolers we test, we know a good design will always trump adding lots of fans or layering on gimmicks and buzzwords. It genuinely would appear that Arctic have a good solid and well designed CPU cooler, with a single fan, and no bells and whistles to get your hopes up.

We missed out on the “Semi-Passive” feature due to the CPU we used, and we used our stock test thermal paste, but we find the performance and capability of the Arctic Freezer i32 Semi Passive CPU Cooler as a safe pair of hands. It’s priced very well too, you will be able to pick this cooler up for little more than a stock CPU cooler, and Arctic still include premium Thermal Paste at this price point. The Arctic Freezer i32 is a bit of a hidden gem, with no corners cut.

Arctic Freezer i32 Semi Passive CPU Cooler

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