Overall Score 3.8  

Right, let’s take a walk around the CPU cooler, and we’ll start with the profile shots. The HEX 2.0 is a compact cooler, measuring only 125 x 112 x 95 mm (H x W x D). It’s not really that much taller than a 120mm chassis fan.

The mounting to attach the cooler to the CPU is integrated, so helps it keep the footprint of the HEX down to a minimum. You may have some concerns about how small this is if you have large hands.

The HEX 2.0 is a different looking cooler mainly because it hides the cooling fan. It looks good though and would suite a lot of system colour schemes without an issue.

The baseplate is very smooth and is quite broad. We would always advise you rub thermal paste into the baseplate before mounting, this will fill a good number of scratches or imperfections that may cause performance issues. 

Consumer Experience