Overall Score 4.2  

Memory performance is gaming levels, matching and sometimes beating the Gigabyte GA-Z97N GAMING-5 Motherboard we review earlier.


It shouldn’t be a surprise as Z97 Chipset and DDR3 both are mature technologies, it is just good to see it utilised and not compromised.

Single and double precision FLOPS are in the correct ball park, and interestingly beating the Gigabyte GA-Z97N GAMING-5 Motherboard.

So unless you are forced into a small form factor or mITX chassis, the Z97M-DS3H is coming out on top, or on par with the Gigabyte’s gaming little brother. Though synthetic, these tests point towards a capable set up with the Z97M-DS3H, despite it’s smaller form factor.




No issues here, good performance in the synthetic tests with motherboard I/O showing no real issues.

Next, gaming results.

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