Overall Score 4.2  

On the back side of the chassis you have access to the boxed off section. This includes two 3.5 inch removable drive bays, some access to the front fan and most importantly, PSU access. You can also see the third 2.5 inch drive holder on the back, a handy hidden option.

Everywhere on this chassis you will find venting panels and holes, great for airflow, not so good for dust. There are dust panels present, just make sure your rear panels are venting, otherwise you are going to be cleaning your build a lot (in any chassis).

The chassis stripped down is quite impressive. The structure feels solid and the finish is really good. Aerocool are pushing this as a water or air cooled chassis, and you can see why. You’ll get three radiators in the chassis with moderate ease, without using your dremel.

Component Compatibility
Consumer Experience