Overall Score 4.2  

The top front of the chassis has a hood, though not for everyone from a styling point of view, it’s all metal and very sturdy feeling, and the cable hole for the front panel has rounded edges. You won’t scrape your knuckles or your cables thanks to this thoughtful fit and finish.

The optical mounting bracket is removable, so you can have an even cleaner internal build if required.

Test Build

We didn’t include an optical drive as we don’t really use them anymore. We had no real fit issues, however, we had a few cable issues with the PSU, due to the boxed off section and the drive caddie.

You will be removing the PSU when refining your cable management, our view is you should install your cables without your PSU, then install the PSU. This works for a lot of small chassis or chassis that have a slightly restricted PSU front face or access issues.

We don’t really go for a clean build, we could spend hours and days tidying up chassis, but we feel it will not give a good “out of the box” view of any chassis. What you see below is some low level cable management to show what minimal effort will return.

Let’s have a look at the build.


Well, there it is! The box section tidies up a lot, but looks slightly out of place, it’s very angular, and the chassis has rounded edges. Still, it does a great job in hiding all your PSU cabling and some 3.5 inch drives.

At the rear of the chassis is a third 2.5 inch drive bay, handy for discreet installation of an extra storage option. We have a Crucial BX200 480Gb SSD installed and it works nicely.

Component Compatibility
Consumer Experience