Overall Score 4.2  

There’s a lot of space inside this chassis, we intentionally installed a smaller CPU cooler just to show the air around it, and the extended headroom for fans or radiators.


We really like the SSD set up, though one issue is the branding is upside down. With a little effort you can resolve it, but the ports naturally lend themselves to the motherboard side.

With that said, there’s a lot of modding potential with the position and mounting of the drives, a themed paint job or decal would set them off nicely.

We installed a Zotac GTX 980 Ti AMP which is a triple fan card and 315mm in length. It demonstrates the inside well, it’s basically a square box which will present no real space issues unless your eyes are bigger than your brain!


Another chassis we like a lot, but it feels like a different animal to the Aero-1000. The Aero-800 doesn’t really feel like a middle man in the range, it’s got too many of its own features. We do like the SSD set up, the build and finish, the boxed off PSU and drive section. It also has plenty of room internally, with no major internal intrusions.


Before we mention the value, the only real downsides to this chassis are the included accessories, by the way of screws and cable ties and the packaging. We can’t be too hard on the packaging, it works just fine, but when you unpack as many chassis as Hardwareslave do, you get a little fed up with the static shocks! The included screws, instructions and cables ties are ok too, we would have liked to have seen more cable ties, but that’s another one of our usual complaints too.

Currently this chassis is under $80 or £50, which we think is tremendous value. You do get a lot of chassis and features for the money. The couple of issues we have with the chassis are not really problems with the chassis itself. We would recommend this chassis, it will work well in most situations and it may just solve a lot of your water cooling set up issues.

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