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It’s the end of an era….. or is it? Well, yes it is, the dawn of the new Nvidia RTX GPU bringing ray tracing to the masses, it has to be seen as a milestone in the computing and GPU world. Just like the features we take for granted, such as transform and light technology, the RTX technology signifies the start of a new generation of features and we should be excited.

We should also be cautious and there’s plenty of ancient phrases that should be in the back of our minds when spending our money on new technology like RTX. For example, “do I even need to upgrade?” Here is another, “I need to upgrade my old GPU, what should I get?”

We’ve just updated our test GPU to the GTX 1070 Ti and we want to know if it’s still a good GPU for people to hold on to, or buy if you are looking for an upgrade and don’t want to spend a months salary on a new GPU. We bought this sample off the shelf, so it’s not a sponsored article.

 Palit GTX 1070 Ti JetStreamNvidia GTX 1080 TiNvidia RTX 2080 Ti
Stream Processors243235844352
Core Clock Base1607 MHz1480 MHz1350 MHz
Core Clock Boost1683 MHz1582 MHz1545 MHz
Memory Clock8000MHz10000MHz14000MHz
Memory Bus Width256-bit352-bit352-bit
Texture Units152224272
Transistor Count7.2 Billion11.8 Billion18.6 Billion
Manufacturing ProcessTSMC 16nmTSMC 16nmTSMC 12nm
Launch DateNovember 2017May 2016Sept 2018

There is no RTX 2070 Ti yet so we have added in the GTX 1080 Ti and the RTX 2080 Ti to the table for comparison.  The Pascal architecture was first seen in 2016, so it is getting on a bit, at least for the technology world. We are sure there are many people who have welcomed this though, bank accounts can take a hammering with lovely new tech goodies coming out all of the time.

This has another benefit, the Pascal GPU has been matured nicely, and with driver revisions and new versions coming out, there is enough variety out there to keep the Pascal GPU fresh, new and still up to date. So, for that reason, can you get by with a GTX 1070 Ti, and can you skip the update for the next six months?

We think so, or at least, that’s our hunch. The Pascal is a very strong GPU, and it is the fastest consumer-grade GPU on the market, it’s not going to slow down overnight or when the RTX GPU’s are released.

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