Overall Score 4  

The Palit GTX 1070 Ti JetStream has a full cover back plate, other than the underside of the GPU and a nice, and almost full-length heatsink. Our sample comes with Micron GDDR5 and we haven’t seen any other type after a quick scan of the internet, though the BIOS supports Samsung, Micron and Hynix in line with all 1070 Ti GPUs.

Our BIOS version is, and we may try and reflash with the Super JetStream at some point. If you haven’t done this before, or you can’t afford to lose a graphics card to a bricked BIOS, don’t try this as it probably isn’t compatible and most likely will not work.

There are five chunky copper heat pipes, two for the front I/O side of the heatsink, and three for the rear of the heatsink, all coming from the main copper GPU transfer plate. These connect through the aluminium fins and looks like a completely robust heatsink, heat pipe and fan cooling solution.

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