Overall Score 3.8  

It’s the same story from the AIDA64 Engineer Memory latency tests. The Avexir Raiden Green Tesla has a much better latency performance, mainly down to its tight memory timings of 15-15-15-35. From a synthetic standpoint at least, low latency and tight timings are genuinely the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to Memory.

DDR4 Dual Channel Memory AIDA Latency | amCharts

DDR4 Dual Channel Memory PCMark | amCharts

PCMark 08 Professional next, and the full suite of tests below. Not all are relevant, the storage test for example, but we have included them from a reference point of view. It’s a mixed bag of results for the Avexir Green. Faster in some and not in others, with the applications test taking a particular beating. We used the Microsoft suite in the Applications test, so Word, Excel and Outlook didn’t seem to perform well. Avexir Green did well in the Work and Home tests though, so it has some good capability, it just didn’t shine through with PCMark 08 Professional.

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