Overall Score 3.8  

As stated previously, we moved away from the Battlefield 4 tests to a different benchmark to get a clearer set of results. Battlefield 4 is amazing, but everything impacted the finial FPS, including how many players on the map, in one given location, and the risk of the C4 junkies blowing everyone up at the same time, reducing frame rate. We moved to Batman Arkham Origins, or at least the benchmark within the tool. Not quite a timedemo, but still, using the game engine and using single player dynamics.

DDR4 Dual Channel Memory Batman Arkham Origins max | amCharts

All results show little difference between the memory kits, and though not really a surprize, we’d hoped for some obvious or glaring performance difference between the three kits.

DDR4 Dual Channel Memory Batman Arkham Origins min | amCharts

All have good performance with the exception of the Crucial Ballistix Sport LT White  in 2400Mhz configuration when the settings are maxed out.


There’s two ways to look at the Avexir Raiden Green Tesla 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 Kit, looks and performance. Sometimes you get both with memory, though it’s all a bit subjective normally. Firstly, performance and it’s not bad. The Avexir Raiden Green Tesla 16Gb kit only really suffered from being a Dual Channel kit. With tight timings and low latency, the Avexir Raiden Green Tesla won’t be lagging behind memory of a similar speed rating. In fact, if you loosen off the timings, you may achieve some good overclocking without having poor memory timings. The Avexir Raiden Green Tesla performed well in the synthetic tests, mostly. It seemed on par with the other Dual Channel memory tested in this review.

From a looks point of view, the Avexir Raiden Series Green Tesla is amazing, and will make a system stand out from the crowd. Whether you have a green accented system, like the colour or even just like the look, the visual performance of this memory is second to none, literally. Nvidia fans can go for the Avexir Raiden Series Green Tesla, AMD the Red Tesla and the White/Blue Raiden Series for everything else, or you could even mix them all!

Avexir Raiden Green Tesla 16GB 2666MHz

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