Overall Score 3.9  

PCMark 08 Professional next and we put memory samples through all of the tests on offer. Though we should state that the Storage test, for example, is not going to be influenced much by small memory changes, a large increase in speeds would have an overall effect on the results. We have included them for completeness.

DDR4 X99 PCMark 03022017 | amCharts

The Ballistix Elite 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz Kit is the generally the lowest scoring of the high end memory kits. There is no better demonstration of how memory speeds can impact some activity than in the Creative test results, however in the other tests results it can be a little unclear. The Ballistix Elite 16GB Kit is up where it should be, albeit not at the top. We’ll possibly move to only showing and testing the Creative results.

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