Overall Score 4  

The Asus Z170M Plus in the flesh. These are some of the elements that make a difference to Hardwareslave, a good clean and techie looking component!

Asus Z170M Plus

Interestingly there is no extensive information on the Capacitors used, though they are cooled. There was an issue with our sample, the heatsink was attached, but it was loose and could be moved. Good, because you could replace the thermal paste for something a little better, bad because these heat sinks should be secured in place.

The Chipset heatsink is secure however, and it’s hollow, a nice design touch. Not sure if it makes a difference though, but it’s a little better than the generic lumps.

Asus Z170M Plus

Storage is well catered for, with room for one M.2 Socket with both SATA & PCIE mode. One SATA Express port, and six SATA 6Gbs ports which support Raid 0, 1, 5, 10.

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