Overall Score 3.6  

The Transcend JetDrive 850 is minimally packaged, but it does include two Screwdrivers (T5 & P5). A point to note about the Screwdrivers, they did not fit the screw types we had to mount the stock drive. 

Transcend JetDrive 850 960GB NVMe PCle x4 SSD Mac Upgrade Kit

We can’t knock Transcend down for this, we purchased our sample Mac Pro second hand and cannot say if anyone had opened the Mac Pro before and accidentally put some screws in the wrong place. 

Either way, it’s good that Transcend includes the screwdrivers, it means they know the intended audience. The JetDrive 850 is stored securely and there are some instructions as well, nothing else is included, though some 3rd party cloning software would be a bonus.

Consumer Experience