Anidees AI7 Black Cube Chassis Review

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The top panel reveals the top drive bays and the optional fan brackets. They are held on with small screws and can be adjusted by sliding them, or even removed if required. The magnetic dust filter for the PSU on the right. Magnetic filters are low profile and this one is the same. Sandwiching between the PSU and side panel nicely.

Below is the top drive section with all drive and fan components removed. On the right is the front panel mesh, providing some dust protection.

Anidees AI7

There is a plastic dust filter just behind the front grill which is removable. All external panels can be removed, revealing a nice black cube waiting to be modded! Overall, it’s a strong and detailed chassis.

Anidees AI7 Black Cube Chassis Review

Packaging - 7
Features - 8
Build - 8
Component Compatibility - 8
Price - 8
Consumer Experience - 8


The Anidees AI7 manages to be a full ATX component size chassis well and there aren't many compromises for the average system build. The Anidees AI7 is definitely worth a look if you want something a little different without too much of a compromise on your hardware.

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