Anidees AI7 Black Cube Chassis Review

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The Fan controller PCB is out of the way and on the cable side which we liked. It can be removed if you use your own, but it’s good to see fan controllers as standard these days.

From the top you can see the WD Red drive, and the empty drive or fan slot. We used the top as access for the CPU power cable, though you should always install this on your motherboard before installation, otherwise you’ll find it hard to get your hand in to plug it in.

On the motherboard side everything is quite civil. The Zotac GTX 980 Ti AMP! Edition has enough room and then some. The USB 3.0 cabling is looping round the front but doesn’t get in the way of the air flow. There is some room around the CPU cooler, but it is close at the top. The Cryorig H5 Ultimate CPU Cooler has around 1 cm clearance from the side panel, it’s probably the height limit for this chassis, but it’s a nice fit.

Anidees AI7 Black Cube Chassis Review

Packaging - 7
Features - 8
Build - 8
Component Compatibility - 8
Price - 8
Consumer Experience - 8


The Anidees AI7 manages to be a full ATX component size chassis well and there aren't many compromises for the average system build. The Anidees AI7 is definitely worth a look if you want something a little different without too much of a compromise on your hardware.