Overall Score 4.6  

Alien Isolation 4K next, a game that really seems to love the FPS, and 4K is no different. The Nano is the slowest, but it almost doesn’t make a difference, never getting below around 45FPS, in ultra mode, and UHD 4K.

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Sapphire Radeon R9 Nano Alien Isolation 4K | amCharts

The Fury X is the winner, just, though none of the cards makes a fool of itself. Again, with all of our graphs, you can click to remove graphics cards. Re select to add the results back in.


Honestly, it’s tiny!


For us, despite not being the fastest card out there, this is the pick of 2015 so far. This card is the stuff of dreams, it’s tiny, powerful, quiet and low (ish) on power consumption. The big single fan looks a little like a home mod but it’s a little card with a big appeal, it’s going to reign supreme in the mITX build for the next 12 months.


Not sure how Nvidia can respond, except to copy the AMD Radeon R9 Nano. With rumours abound that Microsoft are buying AMD’s graphics division, this is just what they need to fend off the big global machine, even if AMD are just the same.

There are some downsides, it is the same price as the Fury X and more expensive than a Fury, so this means you are paying for the compact size and technology.


The performance monitoring and throttling could be a concern if you have a small chassis without good ventilation. This is designed for at least a small chassis, but make sure it has good ventilation or at lease a clear airflow path. For Hardwareslave at least, it’s king of the hill.

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