Overall Score 4.6  

Gaming Results

Silk Road Team Death match, only the best will do!

bf4 2015-01-28 18-21-32-74

We always max out our gaming settings, and memory tests are no different. Battlefield 4 settings at Ultra, though we do window and maximize the screen.

bf4 2015-01-28 18-08-01-82

We can’t see much difference in the overclocked configuration, though there are three spikes. Generally, it’s 50/50. With no concerning drops below 70FPS, the memory isn’t standing in the way of a good gaming experience.

Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4 LT Memory - BF4 | amCharts

We decided to run a quick overclock session in light of the AIDA64 Extreme issues we faced. We clocked to 2800Mhz with the same timings, 16-16-16-39, stock volts and no other configuration changes.

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