Overall Score 4.6  

We compared it to the 2600Mhz results and found no issues with the overclock. It is still a 50/50 result, but there were no issues, freezes or glitches to speak of.

Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4 LT Memory - BF4 2800 | amCharts


We have had this memory on the test bench for some time and we also used it as a daily driver during other builds and tests and found no issues with this memory. Performance wise it’s very handy and its a nice design, good looking and has a low profile.They didn’t look out of place in our Asus Rampage V Extreme Motherboard, albeit a slight clash in colour scheme.

This memory is currently £211.18 inc. VAT and delivery on Crucial’s Amazon page which is a good price for DDR4 at the moment, and considering that it is cheaper than a lot of the DDR4 on a few sites we checked, it has all the plus points going for it just now. We are not overly concerned about the AIDA64 Extreme results at this time, the other tests validated the performance of this memory.


DDR4 still feels and performs like a new product, probably due to the ring fenced products that can use them, but with AMD’s DDR4 Chipset offering very close to release, memory products like this one and the Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4 2400Mhz Memory we reviewed previously are good contenders for a solid performing and stable purchase.

Cheaper than the competition, good looking and overclocking stability, our few weeks with Crucial’s Ballistix Sport DDR4 LT Memory gave us no headaches, and no real cause for concern when testing. We used this memory to process the images with Adobe Photoshop and all of our usual web work and it’s nice and stable with very good performance. We can’t fault this.

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