Overall Score 4.1  

Lastly, the completed chassis, and the full window for Hardwareslave at least, is very striking. When powered on, the fans will light up and illuminate the external and internal surfaces of the chassis, very nice.

We didn’t connect the 3.5″ drive, so there isn’t stealthy cabling you cannot see. The PSU cable we used for the two back SSD’s did easily reach the 3.5″ drive using the ample panel access, the drives are all spatially in a grouped area, which helps.

There is also a very tasteful logo positioned and the bottom leading edge of the window panel, it’s quite a subtle touch, adds a bit of class.


We’ll talk about the negative points first. When we started to use the built system, and we always build a rig so it can be powered on, we noticed the front USB ports were a little sticky on first usage. More a case of a brand new chassis and its lack of usage we felt. After a couple of uses it was just fine.

We didn’t really like the blanking plate used for the top PSU hole, it draws our attention a little too much during the build, but after that, you will not really notice it as it’s at the back of the chassis.


Pretty much everything else we loved. It’s a chassis that lets you do what you want with the insides basically, and we really enjoyed that. The big chassis style really works and if you are an AIO or water cooling enthusiast, then you really need to look at this chassis as a serious contender for your next or first build.

We loved the big window, the tall  size, the pretty much empty box internal dimensions, deep side panels and a genuinely usable top chassis area. Also remembering what we said at the beginning, if there is something you do not like, let them know, as it turns out, it’s a journey you are both on. We managed to find the Anidees AI8 on Amazon in the UK, but not in the US. Just as the Anidees AI8, you’ll need to go to the NewEgg website for this chassis.

Component Compatibility
Consumer Experience