Overall Score 4.2  

The CPU mounting hole is ample, and we can’t see anyone having issues with rear access. Two 120mm fans are included in the front, though three could be fitted. A 240/280mm radiator can be mounted in the front panel and Anidees have cut a good-sized gap at the front of the PSU shroud for easier mounting and air movement.

The PCI blanks are nicely ventilated, and are finished in the same black. They also have a long locating ear, so they don’t fall out easily when handling them and don’t vibrate.

Another couple of storage mounts, this time 3.5″ and 2.5″ drives can be mounted. This means in theory, five 3.5″ drives can be mounted out of sight, though we tested some standard 3.5″ HDD’s, and they were too tall. If you have a slim HDD, you could possibly fit them here, though we can’t say how much clearance you would have from the side panel, good idea though, just needs a slightly deeper area to truly work for 3.5″ HDD’s.

Component Compatibility
Consumer Experience