Overall Score 4.2  

To start with, we love this type of optical-less chassis, so even before we built this, we liked the concept. With it completed, we didn’t find much to fault the Anidees AI5S on. The unobstructed component section and the clean PSU and 3.5″ drive enclosure makes for clean build for most air cooled builds.

With all the side panels fitted, the Anidees AI5S is a strong and sturdy little chassis, in looks and feel. The rear fan dominates and is lit with a white light, that can be turned off when the fans are turned off.

The rear of the chassis shows all the airflow potential with all the components installed. The graphics card has ample ventilation from the PCI blanks, and with the air from the front panel fans being pushed through unobstructed, we feel you will not have heat build up issues.

We mounted two 3.5″ drives and one 2.5″ SSD. We originally mounted the SSD in the area above its current position, though that’s not mentioned in the instructions, it was possible, but we moved it due to cabling requirements. The PSU, HDD cage and cabling requirements of this section, means you have the possibility of a real cabling mess, just like we have. This area is our only real criticism of the Anidees AI5S, so double check your PSU specifications when considering this chassis.

Component Compatibility
Consumer Experience