Overall Score 3.9  

With the glass side panels installed a lot of the cabling and PSU compartment is obscured. A good thing because of the tight fit of the PSU, HDD caddie and the rear cabling. On display is the main hardware, it’s a bit of a showcase chassis.

Metallicgear Neo Micro ATX Mid-Tower Chassis Review

The Metallicgear Neo Micro ATX Mid-Tower chassis is clean all round and has enough vents, holes and glass to show off any lighting or RGB you may have. We didn’t test the lighting, not being a fan of RGB we skipped this.


Overall we really like the look. We have been fans of optical-less chassis for a long time now, and we are seeing a true step change in product offerings from various manufacturers, with Metallicgear firmly among them. This chassis is a well thought out chassis, with built-in cable management, rather than it being an afterthought. With dual tempered glass doors, you can also get a lot of lighting out of it, and it has a good few options for airflow in the main section of the chassis, helping cool the motherboard, CPU and memory, graphics card and anything else you want to install. 

Everything below the PSU shroud is a different matter though. It’s not bad, but will need some planning to ensure you have the right-angled SATA data and power cables, and a modular PSU, not something that hard to find these days. If you stuff all your cabling in it’s not really going to make a visual difference, but may restrict some airflow over the HDD’s and through the PSU.

Would this stop us from buying the Metallicgear Neo Micro ATX Mid-Tower Chassis? No, in fact, it’s a handy little chassis, with some excellent out of the box features designed to help you, not just short shelf life gimmicks that will be forgotten about in a couple of years. 

Metallicgear Neo Micro ATX Mid-Tower Chassis


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