Metallicgear Neo Micro ATX Mid-Tower Chassis Review

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The overall build is clean but compact. As always, we didn’t spend too long trying to cable manage, we just wanted a function and tidy system to power on, and we got that with little effort. There’s still some space at the edge of the motherboard accessible through the very large CPU opening at the back. There are no supplementary 2.5-inch drive bays at the back, so you are limited to four drives if you want to mount them all. 

Metallicgear Neo Micro ATX Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Other than the PSU fan, there is no real airflow through the lower section, which may cause some heat build-up during long gaming or workflow sessions. It may be worth ensuring your PSU fan is always on, even at the lowest setting, if you have the option.

Metallicgear Neo Micro ATX Mid-Tower Chassis Review

We used red SATA data cables for the front HDD’s so you can see the routing a little better. The SSD is cabled using the silver data SATA cable, and we needed to loop it back through the chassis to hide it, not a Metallicgear issue, it’s common with drive bays mounted in the main compartment.

Metallicgear Neo Micro ATX Mid-Tower Chassis

Packaging - 7
Features - 8.2
Build - 8.2
Component Compatibility - 7.5
Consumer Experience - 7.5


This chassis is a well thought out chassis, with built-in cable management, rather than it being an afterthought. With dual tempered glass doors, you can also get a lot of lighting out of it, and it has a good few options for airflow in the main section of the chassis, helping cool the motherboard, CPU and memory, graphics card and anything else you want to install.

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